On 17-September-2023 we are celebrating the second edition of Festival Defund La Police, which breaks away from more antagonistic demonstrations and manifestations among Montréal’s abolitionist community. It is a family-friendly celebration of the real work that is being done right now by individuals and collectives to transform our social landscapes and manifest a world where the idea of having police in our communities is unfathomable to begin with.

It is a call-out for the community to forge new alliances, and an opportunity for those that are newer to the concept of defunding the police to learn important new concepts and radical approaches to community safety. The event is open to all, however, the majority of the organizing team consists of Concordia students and students on both Concordia and McGill campuses are among our target audience.

Festival Defund La Police features inclusive workshops and panels that introduce the concepts of defunding the police and dismantling the prison industrial complex (PIC), arts and crafts, snacks and meals, live music and variety shows, a defund showcase hosted by Coalition Defund la Police and members of the community, as well as childcare and activities for children. Central to the festival’s purpose is popular education, engaging members of the community to participate and share knowledge that spotlights the necessity of dismantling racist systems within the Montréal police force (SPVM).

Your support would contribute to a greater awareness of systemic forms of oppression among the student community and help foster a safer and more equitable cityscape.






Joshua Sallos