This project aims to stimulate students’ mindfulness towards homeless people.
We want to ease access to social involvement by giving students the opportunity to
become actors in the aid towards the less fortunate. We aim to provide an inclusive and tangible way for students to contribute in other ways than simply donating money.

In theory, our goal is to stimulate generosity by asking students to “cook for two”,
capturing a gesture that is part of everyone’s daily life and giving it a social impact. In
practice, single-use compostable lunch boxes will be distributed to students in
Concordia’s various lobbies and cafeterias. Those accepting to aid will be invited to
increase the portion sizes of their next meal preparation, fill the box up and bring it back to us the next day. Current volunteers for the project will be positioned in a specific location on campus the next day to facilitate the retrieval of the meals. The meals will then be distributed around the Concordia neighborhood to people in need. We are targeting a 50% conversion rate. All in all, we seek to create a community amongst students of Concordia that fosters mindfulness and generosity all while providing a tangible aid to the homeless.






Emma de la Chaussee

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