"Digitizing Waste at Concordia"

The research focuses on how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve waste management and accelerate adoption of the circular economy at institutions and other public settings by offering cost effective, operationally sustainable solutions to informing populations on proper waste segregation, and by providing opportunities to accelerate connecting users with salvaged goods. I am further investigating sub-questions related to community understanding of waste issues and its impact on behavior, well-studied questions which could benefit from further exploration using smart interaction points at waste stations, waste sorting mobile apps, and usage patterns at Concordia’s reuse center.

 The other principal element of my research is in applying technologies to the Concordia campus and other “districts” such as upcoming developments in partnership with the real estate company Quo Vadis, in partnership with my research team, CERC Smart, Sustainable Cities.

Themes: Education, Waste

Faisal Shennib

MEng, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science