Engineers Without Borders at Concordia University as well as other universities across Canada and our National Office (EWB Canada in Toronto) are working together on a project called Global Engineering (GE). At Concordia University, EWB is working with professors from the Centre of Engineering in Society (CES) to have the GE program introduced in ENCS and our curriculum. Following the CEAB 12 attributes for engineering education, this project aims to enhance the engineering curriculum today by introducing and implementing social awareness, sustainability, adapting to systemic change, conscientious design and a knowledge on impact of engineering works of society and environment.

Rather than approaching these issues in separate courses, we hope to integrate this way of thinking in the important technical courses we take in our undergraduate academia.

Engineers Without Borders hosted a Global Engineering Symposium in March 2013 to introduce to the student body what we do as a chapter and the GE program.




2008-2009: $2,000.00

2010-2011: $1,000.00

2012-2013: $1,000.00

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