We are designing and building a three wheeled human powered vehicle. The goal is to retain all the advantages of a traditional bicycle, while improving on the disadvantages, such as rider comfort, low speed stability and aerodynamics.

The goal of this project is to produce a working prototype of our vehicle. The frame will be made out of lightweight, aluminum which will be able to absorb the worst of Montreal streets. This vehicle will be low to the ground, fun to drive and will be comfortable. The three wheeled design will make it impossible to fall over. It is believed that these improvements over the present bicycle design could convince some people to try this sort of vehicle as a mode of transport to replace their car.

The vehicle will first be compared directly to a traditional bicycle for performance comparisons. It must be able to turn, brake, and accelerate just as a regular bicycle. Other indications of success will be driver ergonomics, and overall interest in the vehicle.

Years funded: 2010-11

Amount allocated: $350.00

Project leader: Ahmad Hazzouri

E-mail: N/A

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