"Okitigan Kikinamakewin"

The goal of this research project is to learn about horticultural practices in an urban setting, and how to grow, forage and arrange plants, trees and other foods in companion gardening styles. Through weekly workshops and guided mentoring in developing small scale gardens, I aim to re-appropriate urban horticultural knowledge and practices with research into Indigenous food system practices and to understand; how can I adapt this knowledge to different growing zones throughout Anishnabe territory from Moniak (Montreal in Anishnabemowin) to Outaouais and Abitibi.

Although I will only be pursuing my Graduate studies in 2 years, my plan is to learn and get involved within Concordia’s sustainability practices. I aim to inform and inspire other Indigenous students to explore these educational resources, so that they may also have to opportunities to gain horticultural knowledge and experience that they may be able to bring back to their communities too. If I could, in time, I would like to be able to bridge cultivactions programming to be a course offered within First Peoples studies; with the creation of an Indigenous seeds garden where Indigenous students and Allies can work together in reciprocity helping with the production and distribution of seeds for Indigenous communities in and outside of the city of Montreal.

Themes: Food, Education, Community, Health & Wellbeing

Emilio Wawatie

Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts