The Tiohtià:ke/Montreal-based Deep Time Walk (DTW) takes inspiration from the DTW App. Created in 2007, this app invites users to walk a distance of 4.6 km while listening to a narration that retraces the 4.6 billion years history of the Earth. Endorsed by famed scholars Kate Raworth, Bruno Latour, and Ian Stewart, the DTW project has received overwhelming international recognition from the academic world. Dr. Matthias Fritsch and I have met with Robert Woodford, co-founder and executive director of the Deep Time Walk project, and he has agreed to informally assist us in customizing the walk for Tiohtià:ke/Montreal.

This iteration of the walk diverges from the DTW project in that we seek to localize, Indigenize, and “inter-generationalize” it. As such, we have invited Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, from a vast array of disciplines, to present at Earth Stations (ES) along the walk. While Dr. Fritsch will introduce each Earth Stations (ES) according to a script provided kindly by Robert Woodford, each presenters will relate to the script through their own expertise, allowing the participant to benefit from both the DTW project content and the specialized knowledge locally developed here, at Concordia.






Joëlle Dubé