Concordia Precious Plastic Project (CP3) is proposing a closed-loop recycling system within the university to internally address the plastic crisis.

Our goal is to re-purpose Concordia University’s plastic waste on-site to create 3D printing filament, and other items needed by the students. CP3 is inspired by and follows the structure of a well-known global initiative called Precious Plastic. This is to show that the project carries a low-risk rate, as it has been implemented in multiple cities, proving to have a scalable and effective layout as well as operations. With the necessary designated space, the machinery, and our multidisciplinary team, we can turn used plastics into new items. This local recycling system would reduce Concordia University’s transportation carbon cost to a recycling facility, benefit students with opportunities to join the project, and provide upcycled 3D printing filament for our campus.






Sara Ordonselli