The project goal is to set up a projector at Bethune Sq, (facing the building located at 2157 Rue Guy which overlooks Boulevard de Maisonneuve) depicting several metrics, one of which will be a clock counting down the time left until we have breached the 2°C limit (For the prototype version go to The aim of the project is to spread awareness on the issue of environmental policy, as well as bring the threat of climate change to the public eye. The project includes faculty and administration support, and works in collaboration with Future environmental science.

This project is a joint effort between the International climate research groups (ex: Future Earth), members of Concordia’s administration (Dean of Arts & Science Office), faculty (Professor Matthews), Concordia student groups (CSU, Sustainable Concordia, etc.), acclaimed musicians (David Usher) and McGill student groups (Divest McGill).


Name: Marcus Peters


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