The Design and Computation Arts department has presented a Year End Show to exhibit the culminated work of the current students in these programs. Each winter semester, this year-end exhibit showcases the evolving nature of design and computation as a cross-disciplinary field of research, practice and art.  The selected works demonstrate development and innovative practices that incorporate industrial, graphic, interactive, and theoretical design, while exploring contemporary issues and themes within the field. Themes of sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical production are common in the show, highlighting Concordia University’s unique and unparalleled position as a leader in conceptual and environmental design.

The year-end exhibition is an integrated event presenting the works of the Graduate students and the Design or Computation Arts students who are in their graduating year. The idea behind this integration is to strengthen the connections and collaborations between these programs. It is for this reason that the course CART/DART498 was offered to the students as a focus on the principles of Exhibition Design and on the planning of the Year End Show. The show also strengthens the ties with the Concordia community by inviting alumni, University faculty and administration including industry professionals. This creates networking opportunities for graduating students that can often lead to internships and employment, or selling their work.

Years funded: 2013-14

Amount allocated: $1,000.00

Project leader: Stephanie Soueidi


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