The project we planned was designed to involve both Concordia students and staff simultaneously by having them work together with global leaders and experts on the Conflict-Mineral trade. We hosted a panel discussion in March 2011 with the 5 upmost experts in the field. The goal of the panel was to raise awareness of the issue to students, staff and the general public, as well as to demonstrate and give insight into how we can all participate in a sustainable resolution to the global conflict-mineral trade. We contacted and confirmed Congolese activist and student activism coordinator Kambale Musavuli, Canadian author Alain Duneault, Canadian politician Paul Dewar and Danish filmmaker Frank Poulsen. Frank Poulsen’s filmBlood in the Mobile premiered at Concordia’s chapter of Cinema Politica on January 17th 2011. The turn out was a huge success, with over 500 students. Canadian MP Paul Dewar is the politician responsible for pioneering Bill C571 the “Trade in Conflict-Minerals Act” which would outlaw conflict-minerals in Canada. We booked room H110 for March 18th 2011. We worked in tandem with the Political Science, History, Journalism and Geography Departments to formulate prepared questions that were directed at our speakers, giving an academic and thorough insight as to the opinions and suggestions of our speakers. We believe that if enough students and staff are involved and educated about the issue from the panel, that they will voice their support and exert pressure on the Board of Governors to make real, tangible changes to Concordia’s purchasing policy that will help foster ethically and environmentally sustainable solutions both at Concordia University, Montréal and around the globe.

Years funded: 2010-11

Amount allocated: $2,730.60

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