Concordia co-op bookstore logo - half tree beside half book

The Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore has been a fee levy organization and not-for-profit retailer on campus for nearly 20 years. It is the campus alternative to FollettCorporation, an American contractor who has taken over the Book Store’s operations as of June 2020. The Co-op Bookstore has been hard at work throughout our COVID-19 closure developing a distance model, while acting from our foundational principle of putting the needs of our students, workers, and community before our bottom line. In order to successfully serve the community in this new digital world, they are taking on the creation of a Campus eBookstore, a digital bookstore platform, and system. The transition into this new phase of the co-operative will allow the bookstore to achieve multiple goals around physical and knowledge accessibility that are at the forefront of a community-minded business model. As a participating digital retailer, the bookstore will be able to offer affordable digital books and course materials to faculty, students, and community members through our eCommerce store






Paisley Coppieters