From August 15 to 17, 2017, the Concordia University at Fierté Canada/Canada Pride National Conference Initiative will present the Online and Onstage panel as the pilot project for an ongoing community building process that strives to create an enduring Concordia presence at Pride that speaks to the intersectional realities of Concordia’s own LGBTQIA+ members. The panel that the C-FAR (Critical Feminist Activism in Research) project is presenting is called On-Line and On Stage: Four Young Trans Artists Discuss their Work. This panel is responding to the work and resilience of marginalized trans artists in our community navigating a political climate in which Canadian provinces have increasingly recognized the rights of transgender youth while at the same time, transgender people have also experienced frightening backlash.The panel features Sophie Labelle, Kama La Mackarel, Chase Ross, and Kai Cheng Thom who will discuss their path-breaking work as artists, writers, and performers in the public eye.

Years funded: 2017-18

Amount allocated: $1,200

Project leader: Meghan Gagliardi


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