ConcordAI / Artificial Intelligence Concordia organizes free AI Research & Development Mentorship Programs that provide participants from all backgrounds the opportunity to work with exceptional mentors, acquire real-world experience and skills in AI, and to push the boundaries of AI in environmentally sustainable research and development and open innovation projects.

In addition to providing experiential learning, mentorship, and skills for participants and high levels of value in experimental and practical projects for directors, we aim to solve 3 problems: There is not enough AI talent, not enough diversity, and forming great teams quickly is difficult. We believe we will begin to show that all three can be solved simultaneously.

ConcordAI programming is created to benefit marginal and underrepresented groups and our cohort is composed of 92% individuals from underrepresented groups in technology including women,
minorities, LGBTQ+, differently abled, and indigenous peoples.

ConcordAI aims to help democratize AI, increase the AI talent pool, and ensure that AI is owned and fairly represented by all demographics of the population. As AI is beginning to take over many aspects of society, ensuring that these technologies are democratized, created with sustainability in mind, and utilized for projects that help reduce society’s impact on the planet will be critical to the survival of the planet.

Laura Boivin

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