“Chrysalis” is a Queer-oriented and Concordia-based event that aims to provide an accessible space for queer people to celebrate and mingle amongst themselves in the heart of the university. It will feature around 10-13 drag performers, with a focus on providing a platform for Concordia students. More importantly, this event strives to empower and showcase up-and-coming Queer Trans BIPOC artists without prejudice. Furthermore, this event is meant for the Trans BIPOC community to take up more space in Downtown Montreal, where the community is often both underserved and underrepresented.

By negotiating an agreement with Reggie’s Bar, we have ensured the event is close and on campus. For the young queer students of Concordia, this event will serve as a reminder to them that fun and safe spaces are within an arm’s reach. We aim to draw in the crowd from the university as well as from the community in general, thus introducing queer students to their peers and establishing inter-city connections amongst communities. We hope for students who may previously have been unaware of the local queer scene, our event can serve as a warm & accessible introduction.






Michael Galdino