In short, “Cement” is a film about climate change’s impact on nature and individuals with a primary goal to introduce the concept into the art scene and ignite discussion among the community.

As climate change dominates headlines, feeds, and minds, the short film “Cement” aims to present it differently via art performance in an experimental documentary fashion. The film reflects on the animalistic side of humanity and its impulses, as well as our impact on the climate. Cement tells a story of a creature’s birth and life in an inanimate environment – a juxtaposition to its natural state.

The goal of the film is to portray the force of nature as an exposed entity, trapped in a cement sarcophagus. The creator versus its creation. Furthermore, via this project, I aim to spark conversation, discussion, and, more importantly, a call to action about climate change. In order to create the desired ripples in the community, the film will be screened at Concordia as an official premiere and submitted to multiple international film festivals.






Lucile Parry-Canet