The Concordia Greenhouse Balcony Demo Project aims to show students a concrete example of how to transform their own balconies into productive urban gardens, while simultaneously sharing this information in an online resource blog. Measuring approximately 3m x 2m x 4m, this demo-structure would mimic the space available on a typical balcony, and would potentially feature: a compost system, vertical garden planters, upside down tomatoes and self-watering containers.

Each component would be highlighted by a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) information sheet with instructions, as well as on-going workshops open to all those interested in learning more about each component in a hands-on way. Beginning in January, the group of students who has expressed interest would meet on a regular basis and participate in weekly work sessions. Students will be involved in building the initial structure of the demo-balcony, participating in on-going workshops (open to all), documenting the process, installing the various components into the structure, finalizing which components will be included as well as working on disseminating the information by contributing to the compilation of an online resource about balcony gardening in Montreal.

Years funded: 2014-15

Amount allocated: $3,150.00

Project leader: Sheena Swirlz


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