Green Weeks are four weeks spread over the academic year (2 per semester) that inform students about sustainable initiatives and educate them, through speakers and workshops, on how small changes can help them reduce their ecological footprint, as well as how to put what they have learned into practice.

This project seeks to enhance student life by shedding light on what resources are available to students at home and around campus that could help them make healthier choices as well as improve their standard of living by applying the knowledge they acquire during these weeks to their everyday life.  These Green Weeks are centered on the aspect of sustainability, but not simply viewed from an ecological standpoint. Our goal is to demonstrate that sustainability is also represented by making cost effective choices that in turn have positive ecological effects. Sustainability as we understand it touches on all aspect of society, namely; social, economic and ecological aspects, and these are the aspects that we look into during these Green Weeks.



2009-2010: $3,987.93

2010-2011: $6,000.00

Name: ASFA External Coordinator


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