"Rethinking Quebec as a ‘Knowledge Hub’ in the Transformation of Nepal’s Future: An Ethnography of Nepali Students’ Lived Experiences in Canada"

First, my research focusing on the idea of HEIs as agents of social transformation explores how they can be actively nurtured by bringing in students, faculty, and other important bodies, including ethnography labs, student groups, and hubs, to engage in a collaborative dialogue. Second, I propose to create a reading group focused on the mobility and education nexus in order to re-imagine universities as a site and practice for generating collaborative/democratic knowledge production. Third, I will take inspiration from ‘action turn’ and hold a series of three collaborative writing workshops where international students’ lived experiences will be prioritized in order to develop experientially informed KSAs that will foster sustainable community building practice. Overall, my research will inform Concordia to forge collaboration beyond the apprenticeship model by bringing in various existing bodies to focus on ‘reciprocal learning’ opening up possibilities to establish itself as a ‘mobility knowledge hub’ with special attention to inclusion and diversity outlined in SDG 4 on Quality Education.

Themes: Education, Community

Amrita Gurung

PhD, Faculty of Arts and Science