The ACCM Theatre Documentary Project aims for the production of a documentary theatre piece that tells the story of the Montreal based community organization AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM). The content of the theatre piece is derived from both practical and theoretical research including: interviews with members of the ACCM community (past and present), archival research, discussion groups, workshops and participation with ACCM in a volunteer role. The purpose of the project is to create a cultural platform within which to generate dialogue around current issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS in the specific context of Montreal.

This project aims to engage Concordia students in a dialogue about the ongoing political and social issues surrounding HIV/AIDS such as: stigma, access to treatment, government funding for AIDS-related community organizations, prevention campaigns, criminalization of HIV non-disclosure and dealing with loss. The production team will include students as well as socially-engaged artists from the greater Montreal community.

Years funded: 2014-15

Amount allocated: $3,921.85

Project leader: Amy Collier


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