Dear members,

The Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program (SLLFP) will implement an updated application and decision making processes as of September 1st, 2023.

The purpose of the SLLFP update is to strengthen and simplify the drafting and application process for project applicants. Furthermore, we want to diversify our selection committee to better represent both parties of this partnership– Sustainability Action Fund and the Office of Sustainability at Concordia University. Through the selected application periods, SAF’s Project Coordinator and the Concordia Office of Sustainability’s Sustainability Living Labs Coordinator will partner and liaise to better support students and project leads.

Changes to the SLLFP application process & deadlines will include:
  • The SLLFP will be obtaining its own unique application form, separated from SAF’s Special Project Funding Program application form.
  • The SLLFP will be updating the application deadlines and selection periods from a monthly to a once a semester basis meaning Fall, Winter & Summer application periods.
Changes to the selection committee will include:
  • Updating from solely SAF Board members to a more diversified committee structure consisting of SAF staff and Board members, Office of Sustainability representatives, as well as Concordia faculty and staff to ensure a  well rounded community approach.
Implementation of a buffer period from now until September 1st:
  • In order to have a smooth transition to the SLLFP 2.0, we are implementing a buffer application period of a few weeks to allow students currently conceptualizing and drafting an application to submit as normal. This buffer period is also useful to students that are planning a time sensitive project they would like to execute in September or October and would require a decision beforehand. 
  • For any projects currently drafting a SLLFP application, you can still apply using the current application process until the next deadline of August 15th, 2023. The new update will only take place for applications as of September 1st, 2023.
SAF’S Special Project Fund remains unchanged.

The updates above will only affect the Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program. Please note that the SAF’s Special Project Funding Program will remain unchanged, with a rolling application deadline remaining on the 15th of every month. These project applications will still be reviewed monthly by SAF’s Board of Directors. The application form for the Special Project Funding Program will no longer have SLLFP questions in an orange box, and both application forms will be separate.


Please feel free to reach out to SAF’s Executive Director, Sebastián Di Poi (, for any questions regarding the updates to the Sustainability Living Labs Funding Program and the Sustainability Action Fund.