Vote Yes to increase SAF’s Fee Levy from $0.25 to $0.50 per credit, to further support sustainability projects!

Why do we need an increase?

  1. To increase the amount of funding opportunities in our Special Projects Fund and Diversify our funding streams.
  2. To augment the Sustainability Research Awards scholarship program by offering more scholarships.
  3. To increase wages and staff development to ensure current and evolving living wages are being met.

Since 2017, the SAF…

  • Has funded 199 projects.
  • Awarded $658,699.70 to projects.
  • Has awarded 60 Sustainability Research Awards giving over $60,000 worth of scholarship funds.
  • Funded other fee-levy groups such as Sustainable Concordia, Le Frigo Vert, Centre for Gender Advocacy, People’s Potato, Concordia Greenhouse, CUTV, Concordia Food Coalition, Co-op Bookstore & more.

About the SAF:

  • SAF’s mission is to build an inclusive culture of sustainability at Concordia by enabling, supporting, and financing projects that tackle interconnected environmental, social, and economic issues.
  • The SAF’s day to day operations are run by a small part time staff of four coordinators.
  • The staff is overseen by 12 elected BOD members representing fee levy groups, student associations, staff and the broader Concordia Community.

Please VOTE YES on November 29th, 30th & December 1st.

Feel free to email us at for any other questions.

Additional Info on the CSU By-Elections.