For the winter semester, we're offering a 101 workshop series at SAF!
Interested in learning more about grants? Want to receive funding for a cool new project? Join SAF for our virtual workshop on Thursday, January 21st at 5-7 PM where we will go over the basics of grant writing, how to create a successful grant application as well as being available to any questions you may have.
This workshop is free and open to everyone- whether you are a student with an idea, just looking to learn more, or whether you have been funded and are looking to diversify your funding sources. This workshop will feature tips and tricks for all grant writing but will have a specific focus on SAF’s funding process.
Join us Feb 3rd at 5 pm, to learn about the power of community organizing! We will explore various strategies and tactics of organizing that are used to gain collective power to create positive change! We will also have guest speakers join us to share their experiences in grassroots organizing for Bâtiment 7 and the Divest Concordia Campaign.
This event is free and open to everyone! Whether you are a seasoned organizer or just starting to get into community organizing!